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Represented by:
  North Artist Management

Freelance Theatre Director, Artistic Director of Knaїve Theatre & Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire.

Selected Works

Bin Laden: The One Man Show
by Tyrrell Jones & Sam Redway
(translated to Norwegian by Kjetil Falkum)

Producers: Haugesund Teater & Artisan Teater Performances: Haugesund Teater, Det Norsk Teatret (Heddadagene), Mo i Rana This is the first production in translation of the hit 'Bin Laden: The One Man Show' which has seen prolific touring (in its original English) since it's first creation by Tyrrell Jones & Sam Redway in 2013. This production stars Thomas Bye (Actor & currently Artistic Director of Det Vestnorskteateret).

Us, (Post 23/3)
by Kamal Kaan

Based on true events. Live-streamed via Zoom & YouTube during the pandemic. Us, Post 23/3 is a play which tells the story of a family who are caught in a dilemma between working on the frontline and putting their loved ones at risk. The pandemic, an acute infection, and a medically induced coma forces them to re-evaluate the motivations of serving a country who views them as outsiders. The family has to deal with the mental and emotional strain this causes on their personal relationships. A short play-come-experiment with Zoom exploring the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on the British Asian Community, rehearsed and performed on Zoom and live video mixed by Luca Rudlin. Cast: Bhavna Limbachia Peter Singh Krupa Pattani Shakara Rose Carter Darren Kuppan Company: Writer: Kamal Kaan Director: Tyrrell Jones Vision Mixing: Luca Rudlin of People Staring Dramaturg: Sam Redway

Covid Lockdown Breath Machine is a binaural sound project written by Lavinia Murray and composed and sound designed by Dr. Robert Bentall. Designed specifically to be experienced in with headphones, alone, with the lights off and the curtains drawn Covid Lockdown Breath Machine is a fantastical, transformative and ultimately uplifting journey into the symptoms and imaginings of a coronavirus patient. Take a breath and let this breeze whisk you to a world of kaleidoscopes, household gods and mushroom spores on a fresh but capricious westerly wind. Director: Tyrrell Jones Dramaturg: Sam Redway Protagonist: Sophie Coward Others: Sam Redway

Please wear headphones to experience this.

Witness the rise and fall of a new(t) capitalism. Deep in the bowels of an oyster-dredging vessel, an ocean of opportunity arises as a new resource makes contact. ​ War with the Newts was an updated theatrical re-imagining of Karel Čapek’s satirical, political, apocalyptic, sci-fi classic of the same title, transported to a post-Brexit Britain of the possible future. The show featured a fully immersive set by theatre and production designer, Hannah Sibai, a terrifying live mixed score with 8 channel surround sound by composer, performer, sound designer, Dr. Robert Bentall and received Summerhall's Lustrum Award for Outstanding Theatre. ​​ War with the Newts previewed at Square Chapel, Halifax and Waterside Arts, Sale and premiered at Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2018 before a UK tour including Leeds, Manchester and London. Director: Tyrrell Jones Dramaturgs: Matthew Xia & Sam Redway Cast: Everal Walsh, Nadi Kemp Sayfi, Sam Redway Designer: Hannah Sibai Composition and Sound Design: Dr. Robert Bentall Video: Luca Rudlin

Bin Laden: The One Man Show
Tyrrell Jones and Sam Redway

First written and concieved in 2013 for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this was Tyrrell Jones' first major directing success. (At the time he was 23 years of age) . The show went on to see two UK tours (2014 & 2017-18), a run in Denmark, a US Fringe Tour (2016) and Australian Tour (2019) as well as multiple international awards and critical success. Internationally critically acclaimed and award-winning, this incendiary, intelligent, compassionate show provides fresh perspective; creating within the unthinkable a space for debate and dialogue. ​Director: Tyrrell Jones Cast: Sam Redway Dramaturgy: Joseph Wells-Wilde

by Bertolt Brecht
(Adapted by Tyrrell Jones with Impermanence Dance Theatre)

An adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s first play, we follow BAAL, our anti-hero, along a path of consumption, greed and ultimate destruction. A dance theatre adaptation supported by the KSF Foundation & Bristol Old Vic in collaboration with Impermanence Dance Theatre. Based on work conceived and developed by Tyrrell Jones, Josh Ben Tovim & Roseanna Anderson. Danced and Choreographed by: Roseanna Anderson, Josh Ben-Tovim, Alessandro Marzotto Levy, Sonya Cullingford Live Muisc and composition: Robert Bentall Projection performer: Harry Alexander Production Design: Pam Tait Dramaturgy and text adaptation: Tyrrell Jones Lighting Design: Tim Hardy Video Design: Duncan Wood Producer: Lydia Wharf

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